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Invalid Load Model Error

Hi Qlik Gurus

I'm new with Qlik and just downloaded it. Anyway I bump into an issues where it prompts an error " Invalid Load Model". For your info I'm load the .csv file. What should I do to fix this?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Invalid Load Model Error

never encountered that error message , it would be good to start with some reading

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Re: Invalid Load Model Error

I've never seen that message. Is that your translation of the error message that appears in another language?



Re: Invalid Load Model Error

Hi @Azmanabdulla. Do you got any solution for it. I am also getting the same error.

I am using Qlik Enterprise Nov 2017 edition. I was loading the data through Data Manager. I am getting the same error.




Then, I tried to debug through Data Load editor. There seems to be no error & its again shows up the error message.


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Re: Invalid Load Model Error

Did you find any way to solve it?

I have the same issue, after I run my data load script, Although I get no errors in the code, at the end of the loading phase I get this message. After closing the message box I cannot save the app.