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Is it possible to conditionally hide an object if another object is minimised?

I have two related tables - object 1 shows summary level financial data, grouped by Account Type, Account Group and Account; object 2 conditionally shows transactional data (condition being that a single account must have been specified in order for this data to be displayed).

In addition to the above linked objects, there are other objects on the same sheet which I'm using Sheet Properties to minimise/maximise according to user activation. For example, if the User selects object 3 (an alternative summary level object), then I've created actions via Sheet Properties to minimise objects 1 and 2. This works fine, but I also need object 2 to automatically minimise when object 1 does, regardless of whether other objects have been activated.

Question is, can this be done? I've looked at actions within Sheet Properties, but am struggling to find a combination which works. Is it possible to create a variable for an object ID which I could then use within my Show condition for object 2? Variable must be linked to object rather than field selections. Can anyone help?

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