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Is my script written in the most efficient way?

Good Morning,

I am running a script in qlikview via an ODBC connection.  However, when the script runs, it sometimes ends up in a loop and never finishes.  I then have to try and rerun the script and it may or may not run.

Could you please let me know if this is the most efficient way to write the script, or if there are any pitfalls I should be avoiding.

My code is as follows:

LOAD CallType, ContactType, ContactUnique, CreatingUser, CreationDate, DiaryDate, DiaryEntryType,  LinkingKeyValue,  SiteUnique, Subject, UniqueID,  'Database8' AS Database

WHERE Date(CreationDate,'DD/MM/YYYY') >= Today()-90 AND Date(CreationDate,'DD/MM/YYYY') <= Today()-84 ;

SQL SELECT CallType, ContactType, ContactUnique, CreatingUser, CreationDate, DiaryDate, DiaryEntryType, LinkingKeyValue, SiteUnique, Subject, UniqueID FROM JOURNAL0008;

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