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Is there any way change chart's height without macro??

I know it works fine with macro, but there's some limitation our organization not allow us to use macro.

the macro's functionality is as below:

   set sh = ActiveDocument'.ActiveSheet

    set v = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vSubgroupCnt")

    getVariable = v.GetContent.string

    set obj = sh.GetSheetObject("CH13")

     set fr = obj.GetFrameDef

     set pos = fr.Rect

    pos.Height = (32*CDbl(getVariable)+50)*2.5


        obj.SetFrame fr,true,dummy

    ActiveDocument.Variables("vheight").SetContent pos.Height, True

the function is work well within qvw, but we just be noticed it is not allowed, how can I resize the object dynamically without macro?? thanks!!!

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By default its allowed to move and change size of the Objects. There is also a settings in layout tab-->Options where you can tick or untick this.

Creator III
Creator III

Maybe you can use two objects, and a action with variables to hide/show the small or big graph.

Why you need to resize the graph? Maybe there is another solution.