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Hey Guys

I have a model with a few tables and i would like to update one of the tables each  hourly load

I found i could do this with a partial load

using Partial Load in the script like :

If IsPartialReload() Then


  Add Load

    RowNo() As ID2,

     'Dynamic2' As DataType2,

     Timestamp(Now()) As TimeStamp2


End If

how can i set the application to run the partial load without going to File menu, select Partial Reload

i would like to set a flag in the script. how cant i set the IsPartialReload() to be true or false?



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Re: IsPartialReload

I have the same question and in order to create not too many threads I post a reply to this unsolved question.

How can I set the application to run the partial reload without going to File Menu etc. So, how can I get a solution in the script.

E.G. Load once a day the main (big) data and every hour an update of a few columns (not from a QVD / not by incremental load)