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Issue on Fast change Chart Type.

I have created one Pie chart and select 3 more chart type Bar, Line and Pivot as Fast change.

Now is there any way available every time when user comes on this tab by default chart always show as a Pie chart.

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Re: Issue on Fast change Chart Type.

try to use macro (on sheet activate)

sub SetAsPieChart

    set chart = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

        chart.SetChartType  1

end sub

below extended list of all types :

Bar 0

Pie 1

Pivot 2

Scatter 6

Line 4

Straight Table 5


Re: Issue on Fast change Chart Type.


I would like to join to this discussion,

where from can i take list of types of all charts?

It is any documentation or can i get this from VBA ?

Please help,

Best Regards,

Jacek Antek

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