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Join and where clause

Hi All,

I have 3 tables

Table 1. Represents a product, when it was sold, returned etc and has a product ID, Sale Date

Table 2. Represents an owner table, who owned an account on any given date.  Product ID, Account Owner, Account Owner Date

Qlikview auto joins by the Product ID and then I insert a Where clause = where Sales Date = Account Owner Date.  This connects the right owner at the time of sale.

Table 3 represent managers of the account owner. This table only has manager and the account owner with a start and end date representing when the manager managed a given account owner.

I now need to join this effectively where I can find the right manager at the time of sale.

Any thoughts on how I should join this to get the desired result?

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Re: Join and where clause

Hello Kwok,

I think that what are you looking for is an IntervalMatch‌ .



Contributor III

Re: Join and where clause

You mean you want to see  - " Account Owner Date" if its  falling  - Start and end dates  of the third table ?  You need to see intervalmatch function