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Joining tables in qlik sense

I have such a hard time wrapping my mind around SQL and I don't know why...

So I have two tables with the same columns but different values. I want to join table1 with table2 on the column 'Country'.

As they are, table2 has all columns preceded by Sheet1-1. Ex. Sheet1-1.Country

It did that by default. Can you guys help please?

It's probably best to do resident joins.

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Re: Joining tables in qlik sense

Hi Nicholas,

Could you post your script here? It will be helpful for us to provide you a better solution.

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Re: Joining tables in qlik sense

Hi Nicholas,

As Tamil said post some of your script and I'm sure you'll get some advice. Here's a question. If your two tables share the same fields then joining doesn't make much sense. Joining adds fields (columns) to a table. Concatenation, combining your tables row-wise, seems more natural in this case.