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Key/Join Problem


I have a table which is joined to another table on the basis of 2 fields. The problem is that one of the tables has only 3 days worth of data and the other table has data from May onwards. However, i am only able to see data from 3 days due to the join.

I have attached my app with this discussion and also shown the graphs and tables you might need to see.

How can i see all the data?


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Key/Join Problem


i cant able to open ur application its getting fell to open.

u can get all data after appliying join on  key field' Date' of two table.

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Key/Join Problem


for my oppinion both charts are correct. For ex. in the left chart the dimensions are DATE and user_type. In the underlying tables are three dates and all valid data belonging to these are shown (summed up). Valid data in this case is a value in all three fields: DATE and user_type and current_cost (via queriesperday.K1 and K2). To verify (test) this build a tablebox (not a chart) containing this three fields. There you can find all nullvalues as dashes.

If you want to see "all" data in a chart, even null-values, there are some options to be (un-)checked:

tab   Dimensions --> "Supress When Value Is Null" (for every dim !)

tab   Dimensions --> "Show All Values" (for every dim !)

tab expressions -->  "Suppress Zero-Vals"

tab expressions -->  "Suppress Missing"

But I guess You won't be happy when you see "all data".

Regards, Roland

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Key/Join Problem


I think its just that your links are scattered,'Fresh fix-ups'almost always come from an organised prob,

Pull in the tables the same way you did,just Make sure the MAIN Table has a consistant ammount of fields able -

-to link all needed tables,ofcourse Watching for synthc keys but all else looks right,

I would(if stuck in your position) also find all null values 1st,from there...no idea as iv also just recently started.

hope you get it right.


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