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Last working day

Hi everyone.

I would like some help trying to create a variable for the last working date. It must also include public holidays which i already have in a spreadsheet.

I am trying to add a button in my application for LWD (Last Working Day) which when pressed the date selection changes to the last working date.

My fields are :

[Event Date]


I know there is a function NETWORKDAYS but i don't know where to start...

Any help would be appreciated.


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Last working day

The lastworkdate is probably the function you're looking for. It also excepts holidays are arguments. See the help file for details.

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Re: Last working day

Hi thanks,

I dod't understand it though. how do i get the last working date?

the example gives..

lastworkdate ('2007-02-19', 9) which returns '2007-03-01' which is a date in the future...

so if i try

LastWorkDate(Today(),-1) i get null

or am i completely missunderstanding it?


Re: Last working day

Even if this sounds non intuitive, I think you should look into FirstWorkDate() instead, like


add a comma separated list of holiday dates after the second argument.

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Re: Last working day

Hi, thansk that worked

how do i use a field name for my holiday dates?

I have loaded them in from an excel file and named the field 'PublicHols' but not sure how to include it

The help file says to use this format...

FirstWorkDate(end_date, no_of_workdays {, holiday} )

so i have tried

=FirstWorkDate('07/12/2012',2{, PublicHol})

but i get an error on the comma after the curly open bracket..


Re: Last working day

{, ...} just means it's optional to the function call.

Here is a description on how to create and add your holiday values: