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Legend problem

Hi All,

I have task ( prod, Mgmt, purchase) in chart. I have taken it against Country in dimension.

in Expression =Sum({<Task={'prod','Mgmt}>}Amount). Its working fine but

in Legend shows all the Task. I want to show only prod, mgmt. as I have taken sum of that.

please help me on this.

Thanks in ADV

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Re: Legend problem

Ideal it should not give ...have to checked the suppress null and zero values in the presentation tab

Re: Legend problem

But, You are taken Country as Dimension not the Task. How task will up and you in legend. Will you able to show image at least to check the same

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Re: Legend problem

I have taken 2 dimensions Country & Task.

@ Avinash Suppressing works but same time I want to country should  show there weather it is 0 or not. because I have created other chart in that way.

Re: Legend problem

we don't have selective feature to show the zero of one and not for others in your case its will be illogical rite ..

if the country is  0 for purchase then still you want to show but 2 nd dimension Task you don't ....if want the same then add a agg() dimension on the task that's will help you to achieve this