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Like Company Names

I have 2 files with similar names for a company - for example: Company Name, Inc.  Company Name   Company Name Inc  etc.

I have a table that links the various names

What do I need to do to ensure that I can link all of the data related to these names?

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Re: Like Company Names

I identified the mapping function.

I created a mapping file with alternate names in the first column, and the desired name in the second column.

Both of the data files have Company Name.  The Company Name in one file is the desired name.  The Company Name in the second file may have one of the alternate names, included in the first column on the mapping file.

I used the following statement to load the data:

Mapping Load x,y from alt_names.xlsx

(ooxml,embedded labels, table is Sheet1);

The Company Name list in the Qlikview file shows both names, rather than the desired company name.

I would appreciate suggestions to correct this situation.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Like Company Names

Hi Try like this.



Re: Like Company Names

The MAPPING LOAD itself does only create the mapping table, it does not map any field values.

For this, use ApplyMap('MapTable',Field) function in your LOAD statement or a MAP Field USING MapTable in a statement before the LOAD.