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Limiting number of displayed dimensions - plotting elevation from GPS

I am in the process of learning QlikView and have loaded in some data from my Garmin GPS which I use whilst cycling to "play" around with.  I am trying to create a graph to plot the elevation during each ride.  Every second the Garmin takes a note of the current location (lat and lon), heart rate, cadence, temperature and elevation.  Assuming a ride of two hours, that's 7200 data points of elevation.  Obviously that is a bit excessive to plot on a chart so I was open to ideas on how this may be achieved.  Is there a way to perhaps only plot the elevation points but only display some of the time points to keep the chart tidy?

My thanks in advance for any input.  Greatly appreciated.

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Re: Limiting number of displayed dimensions - plotting elevation from GPS


Use the aggregation.

You can create time dimention that has minutes (without seconds) corresponding to your timestamps.

Then you can use sum/Avg/Count aggregation functions depending on the nature of data to plot the chart.