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Linking Cycle Buttons


I have a table with two cycle buttons on it and I want to link them.  They each have three choices: Paid, Billed, and Allowed (See above).  I would like to have it where selecting paid in "Med Paid" causes the "Med _____ PMPM" to automatically change to paid.  Can they be linked to cycle through the selections together?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Linking Cycle Buttons

I don't think you can link your cyclic dimensions by a QV option.

But you can check the field you currently have cycled to in your first dimension using GetCurrentField( GroupName )

and then use a condition in your third dimension to switch fields, something like

=pick(Match(GetCurrentField( GroupName ), 'Med Paid','Med Billed', 'Med Allowed')

,[Med Paid PMPM]

,[Med Billed PMPM]

,[Med Allowed PMPM]