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Linking to amcharts via extensions

First of all apologies for my earlier post. It is not ampcharts but amcharts that I am trying to export in. I understand that extensions is the way to this. But, is there any documentation that leads me through what I need to do , and how. I have downloaded amcharts , I think it’s the correct version, and have located the extensions examples. Any pointer’s please.

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Linking to amcharts via extensions

Were you successful in getting this extension object working?  I am trying to do the same thing but there is no documentation that is useful on the extensions at all.  Getting help on this area is very difficult.

I'd be interested in where you got with it?



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Re: Linking to amcharts via extensions

Apologies for responding to this 2 years later, but my search engine query only got this post has a result and as such i'm hijacking its search engine optimisation to say first that in Qlik Sense its possible to integrate AmCharts, I've done it myself successfully (created a QS extension that is). I would be interested in knowing if someone else has managed to do the same in QV, and if not but trying to, make myself available to collaborate!

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Re: Linking to amcharts via extensions

Hi see below solution with dummy data. Rest is looping through data from the hypercube on the layout element and parsing that in instead of the dummy data.

Edit: Here's a link to a workin progress git repository for implementing an amWaterfall chart:

Qliksense.Extension.amWaterfall/amWaterfall.js at master · NielsLindberg/Qliksense.Extension.amWater...

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Re: Linking to amcharts via extensions

‌another way may be to check out Vizlib - its an advanced visualisation library built for Qlik Sense so may be more appropriate then trying to build yourself.


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