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Contributor II

List Box with Field independent to selection


I'm comparing sales between two different periods. When I want to compare the actual sales I want to compare the selected month vs previous month. But when I compare actual vs budget then I want to compare the same month. So far I managed to create variables with the month and year selected and calculate  the previous month to add this into the set analysis but I want to create a copy of the list boxes containing the scenario (actual or budget), year and month so that the user can select what they will compare againts what. But since I'm using the same field from my input data, I cannot choose different values. How can I create a copy of the list boxes which reads the values from the same field but that are independent from eachoter? Here's an example of what I want to do:


I basically want to make the selections (coming from the same field) independent so that I can save it into variables and add it to the set analysis.





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Re: List Box with Field independent to selection

What you are trying to do is done by alternate states. More information here:

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