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List box and Container > Grid questions

Using V11 Personal / Trial

In a list box, I have found that sometimes, the current selection is turning white below the bounds of the object - in other words, I select one list box, and I expect to see three or four items in listbox #2 turn white and float to the top.

They do turn white, but I have to scroll through the entire list to see them. This happens occasionally, and they only way I have found to fix this is to delete the list box and add a new one. Then this new one works fine - all the related items are at the top of the box and they are white.

Any thoughts on what causes this?

Then if I insert a container and turn it to a grid (NEW SHEET OBJECT > CONTAINER > PRESNETATION TYPE > GRID) and change it to 3x3.

Then I place three objects in it.

Ooops, I now want to place another object at position 1,1.

I cannot. There is plenty of room for the new object, but I cannot insert it. If I delete the object at 1,1, the others slide in, and I still can't insert anything.

I have to remove all the objects and start completely over.

Am I missing something here? Any way to insert an object like this?

Thanks for any tips.


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Re: List box and Container > Grid questions

First create container with grid 2x2. Then add 2x2 container into 3x3 container at place 1,1.

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Re: List box and Container > Grid questions

Thank you for reply, but that does not seem to work.

Is there no way to re-arrange / insert objects within container / grid object?

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Re: List box and Container > Grid questions

You can use


IF(GetSelectedCount(TYPE)=1, CODE)

for your first question for list box. Help link http://community.qlik.com/message/202829#202829

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