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ListBox color


I have a listbox and I want to change color of selected value to be either red or blue, not of complete list.

The complete list's color can be changed using macro but I want only a specific item to be highlighted(which is selected item) and other items not.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Saurabh,

Here are the steps,

Step 1:

Install the extension "NoGreen.qar".

Step 2:

Go to the Extension Folder Path, where extension will be install by defualt, here is the path for windows 7:


Step 3:

Replace the "NoGreen.css" file in extension folder, "NoGreen.css" attached in this thread, please find.

Step 4:

Document Properties > Extensions > Add "NoGreen" to Active Extension > Apply > OK.

Step 5:

Close your qvw document and re-open. Now List Box selection color has been changed.

If need be, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed

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It can be solved only by macro.

I think we will have to use if conditions in macro.

Please help with code.

Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Saurabh,

Kindly, find attached qvw.

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed

Creator II
Creator II


see the below thread you will get an idea





Do you know Deepak Sethia ?

He posted a pretty much identical thread a few hours ago, List Box

In my reply I frigged a Straight Table to act like a List Box and sort the colours using the Dimension Background  / Text Color.

See attached.

You'll also see another object similar to the one you described in answer to Deepak.

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I am using personal edition so cant view your qvw file.

Can you send me the snapshot or image.


Create a Straight Table with just a Dimension of what was in the List Box.

For the Dimension Background Color expression use something like :

=if ( GetSelectedCount (Level) > 0 ,

if ( Level = 'Complaint' , red() ,

if ( Level = 'Compliment' , lightgreen() ,

if ( Level = 'Mixed' , yellow()) ) ) )

For the Dimension Background Color expression use something like :

=if ( Level = 'Complaint' , white() )

Specialist III
Specialist III

Dear Saurabh,

You can change the listbox colour by using extension. Here is the current thread, have a look.

Re: Re: List Box

Kind regards,

Ishfaque ahme

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For example if I am using ID of baseball players in dimension, then it is not showing in straight table as there need to be a expression too.

Tell me the way to do it by macro if possible by using if condition in macro.

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How to use nogreen.css?