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Listbox in alternate state not adhering to 'always 1 selected value'?

Hi Team, Is there a way for me to get a listbox in an alternate state to honor the 'always only 1 value selected' setting on general properties and not clear that setting when it is checked into the source control trunk?  Presently, that value clears itself and the listbox falls back to no value selected after I check changes into our source control trunk.  The value/setting seems to remain selected when I just push save, but when I do the source control->check in pending changes the gears start turning, the page goes black for an instant, and comes back up with all the values cleared from the alternate state listboxes.

This does not happen with the listboxes in the default state that use the setting.

As a workaround, I might try updating that setting and pushing save after checking in changes, and not check in that change after that.  But it'd be a pain to have to do that every time I do anything else.  Other workaround will be me writing conditions into various tables to tell them to only start running computations when selections are made first.  (Running calculations on all of the data at once tends to cause timeouts, and there's no business need for that capability in this instance.)

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