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Live Document not refreshed for certain users


We have document that two users accessed previously. Since then I have changed the document making it more user friendly etc However when these two original users go to the access point they get a thumbnail of the new document (can be clearly seen as I've now got a bright yellow information box on the first sheet) but when they select the document it brings up the old one (with links that I have removed sheets for obviously not working).

If a new user accesses it for the first time they get the new document. So I've tried clearing the internet files as I thought maybe it had "cached" an old version for these two users but that hasn't resolved it.

Any suggestions how I can get these two users to be able to see the document that is now actually live and not a previous version of the document. Just to clarify there is only one document in the QlikViewDocs folder on the server and this document is the new one (with the yellow box!).

We are using AJAX too.

Thanks for your help.

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Live Document not refreshed for certain users

I've used "Remove the last document state" option and that seems to have fixed it. Would love to know why though an old document state can be viewed though?

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