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Load only certain fields and calculate


My question is to create a Revenue/Costs calculation. The goal is get a standard calculation with only a selection of fields.

After searching a lot on the forum, I found some solutions that could work but I just still cannot manage to work it I like I want to. Hope you can give me a push into the right direction.

Please see my screen.

In the front-end these tables are created via:

if(match([Cost and revenue structureLevel4Level4],'Gross Revenue') and not match([Cost and revenue structureLevel3Level3],'Revenue Deduction - Wholesale','Other revenue items - Wholesale'),sum(MeasuresAmount))

if(match([Cost and revenue structureLevel4Level4],'Standard Gross Margin Cost'),sum(MeasuresAmount))

Now I want to create a new table combined of both, with only those fields. So I figured for this new table I need to load only those fields I need. And after that the calculation of the revenue should be possible.

But how....?

Here is my script:

LOAD [Model YearModel YearModel Year],
[ModelType DescrType Descr],
[Cost and revenue structureLevel1Level1],
[Cost and revenue structureLevel2Level2],
[Cost and revenue structureLevel3Level3],
[Cost and revenue structureLevel4Level4],
[CFMS - PrimaryFINFIN],
[Cost and revenue structureLevel5Level5],
[Cost and revenue structureLevel6Level6],
[VariantVariant DescVariant Desc],
[Order TypeOrder TypeRetail Or Prospect],
[Order TypeOrder TypeCommon Order Type],
[Order TypeOrder TypeDetailed Common Order Type],
[Order TypeOrder TypeBrand Order Type],
[Order TypeOrder TypeType Of Sale],
[CFMS - SecondaryFINFIN],
[CFMS - PrimaryFIN Type CdFIN Type Cd],
[MeasuresNo of cars],
[\\BEE-NAS01.bee.volvocars.net\JHUPKENS$\Data\Desktop\Qlikview\GM Analysis\Gross Margin Analysis NL v3.xlsx]
(ooxml, embedded labels, header is 1 lines, table is [MY20 all]);

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Load only certain fields and calculate

Anyone can give me a clue?


Re: Load only certain fields and calculate

Jesse, this one is likely going to require a QVW so folks can see the data model and everything else to try to help you get it sorted, so if you can attach that, it should help you get some responses I believe.  

The only other thing I have is the Design Blog area, not sure if you ran across any of those posts or not, below is the base URL with a search dialog, I generally start with a single word there and see what comes back and narrow from there.  Hopefully you may find something in this area that could help in the meantime.



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