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Loading column values if not null?

How to check for the column values while loading so that the null values should not get loaded .

And if i want to sum the column value i want to neglect the null value s data . How should i do this?



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Loading column values if not null?

hi Vikas,

YOu can do it by following method.

Load * from Table where isnull(Fieldname) =0


Load * from table where len(trim(Fieldname)) >0 ;


Loading column values if not null?

Hello Vikas,

In addition to what Deepak suggests, and in regards to sum some values, the above is correct if you don't want to load any records where the field value is null. However, you may want to create a flag in those fields, so you can take them on or off a set analysis easily

Table:LOAD Code, Amount, Date, If(Len(Date) = 0, 1, 0) AS NullFlagFROM File.qvd (qvd) // or any other

and then

Sum({< NullFlag = {1} >} Amount)

Hope that helps.