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Loading into multiple QVD files based on time


i am dealing with around 400000 rows of data per day. I is stored as SQL tables in the server. And i want to store the data in qvd files.

Is there any way i can use the Reload function to put these data into different qvd files each one for a particular day.

I want qlikview to automatically load the particular data into the respective file, using something like incremental load to take the data only for that particular day.

For example


file_31_7_2013.qvd and so on.....

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Re: Loading into multiple QVD files based on time

Something like this:

LET vDate = date(today(), 'DD/MM/YYYY')

// adjust the date format to what your sql database expects

LET vFilename = 'file' & date(today(),'D_M_YYYY') & '.qvd'


SQL SELECT * FROM sometable

WHERE MyDateField = '$(vDate)';

STORE TableTodaysData into $(vFilename);

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Re: Loading into multiple QVD files based on time

Thanks a lot,

i also have one more problem.

I have this mysql sheet that contains some historical data.

One of its fields is 'cdate'

I want to store this entire data into qvd files in a datewise manner.

is there any way in which the variable can refer to the 'cdate' and create qvd files accordingly??