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Loading of data from previously loaded data

Which type of load is preferred to load data from previously loaded data? 

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Previously loaded in the same script run? Resident?

You might want to expand a little on your requirement.

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Creator II
Creator II

is this resident load?

is it Previous load?

is it peek  load?


Can you please bit elaborate the requirement?

Specialist II
Specialist II

It's Resident Load.

Whenever we are loading data which is already reside in RAM i.e called resident load.


If you want load data within load statement i.e called preceding load.

We don't have peek load and previous load.

These are the functions used to refer values which is loaded previously.

Vishal Waghole

A preceding load prefer over Resident load to while loading data from previously loaded data. Preceding is faster method to use than Resident load as it does not require a location qualifier. Also, using the Preceding load, you can apply multiple calculations and transformations through stacking up LOAD statements.