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Loading the history data only once!

Hi All

I have two things to do with the same script.

1. Based on the last close date the particular script once refreshed should not get refreshed anymore. This will act as a history data as there won't be any changes in the future.

for example: if the last close date is 12/12/2010 then till that date data should get refreshed and loaded into qvd.

2. All those data which is later from 12/12/2010 should get refreshed everytime.

So the data which will not be refreshed should be loaded only once then rest of the data should be loaded everytime. Also let me know where should I do this? In the qvw where I am generating qvd or in the place where i am loaded the data from the qvd in the final application.

May I know how to achieve the same please?



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Loading the history data only once!

An nice option to do this is to store all your old data in a seperate QVD-files.

Then make a new QV-file which loads all the information from the stored QVD  and loads all the new information from your database.

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Loading the history data only once!

Using QVD files should work well.

There is a good section in the QlikView help. Search for:

"Using QVD files for incremental load".

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Re: Loading the history data only once!

Thanks Dennis

What you have suggested is good one. But I don't want to create any extra qvd which created confusion. In the mean time if you have any more suggestion please let me know.

I was thinking of doing something like below:

We consider the Min(Date) where the tasks status is 'Closed' and this has to be considered as HISTORY data as there will not be any changes to this data. Whereas later from this date will be considered as CURRENT data as there will be changes in it. So what I was planning was that.


SQL Select ...
Where Date <= Min(Date);

Store TableName into TableName .qvd(qvd);

Drop table TableName;

Load * from above QVD;


SQL Select ...

Where Date >= Min(Date);

Store TableName into TableName .qvd(qvd);