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Locking / 'Freezing' whole tab or sections of it


As I am new to Qlikview I am still not familiar with all of its functionality.

Just wanted to see if there is a way of locking whole tab or freezing it in a way that whatever "happens" in other tabs would not have any effect on this particular tab.

If this is not possible - maybe it is possible to lock or freeze a table or a multiselection box and a chart together so whatever is chosen in the box is only presented in the chart itself and nowhere else in the document.

BIG thanks in advance for any suggestions or guidance.

Kind Regards,


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Locking / 'Freezing' whole tab or sections of it


   You can use set analysis in charts. With the help of this functionality of qlikview you can create a chart which will not get effected by any of your selection.


Kaushik Solanki

Honored Contributor

Locking / 'Freezing' whole tab or sections of it

You could create a set of bookmarks and use them with actions.

You can store the selections in the onLeave action of a sheet and recall another one in the onActive action of the others.

Thus, it will look like there state of each sheet is independent.

There is also some interesting discussion here:


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Locking / 'Freezing' whole tab or sections of it

Right click on any table you want to remain 'static' and select the option 'Detach'. This will detach the table from the rest of the view so no other selections will effect it.

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