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Contributor II
Contributor II

Logs Generation from the QMC.

Hello all,

Any one please tell how the Session, Performance and Event Logs are generated.

Will these three logs are generated at a time from the QMC and how they are related to it.

Do we need to do anything in the QMC level to generate the logs.

It is important for me because if these logs are loaded means then only i can see the data in my report.

I need the logs for the year 2016.

Could any one please help me , as i am new to qlik view.

Thanks in Advance.



2 Replies

This screenshot hopefully answers all of your questions?



What do you mean? If the logs weren't generated already, you cannot retroactively add the historical data for 2016 to them. What is past is past, I would say...

The Events, Sessions and Performance logs are generated by the QVS, not by the QMC. The QlikView Management Console only configures how the QVS should generate these logs.

Logging is a continuous process. As soon as the QVS starts, it will begin writing relevant information in each log file. The Verbosity level will determine how detailed this information will be. See Adam's screenshot.

Are you trying to kick-start the Governance Dashboard or some other Monitoring tool?