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Loop script help


I am quite new in development in QlikView scripting and I would like to ask for help.

My original data consist of 3 columns: Date, Part_old and Part_new. When there is just one change there is no problem for me to write script. Problem is when, like you see in example a part  'aaaa' is replaced  by 'bbbb' on January 1st and afterwards the part 'bbbb' to 'eeee'. Below you can see the original data structure and  the desired new layout.

I thought about do while statement, but I am not able to declare variable which will take the value from column C, check the whole column B to find whether there is more replacements of part and write it in a way I described above.


Thanks for help


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Re: Loop script help

Dear Michal,

This is called slowly changing dimension. Please check listed below article,

Slowly Changing Dimensions

IntervalMatch and Slowly Changing Dimensions

Kind regards,

Ishfaque Ahmed

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Loop script help

Why is bbbb the Partold_original of cccc?

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