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I am new to qlikview not sure how can I perform following functionalities in qlikview (Kindly see the attached image for more information on data)

Fix offset:


     ID number





(Under one ID I have multiple lines of descriptions and related amount1 or amount2)

Based on ID number check if any values of amount1 is equal to any values in amount2. If cell value matches then changes values of corresponding rows in total to zero. Like C and -C in attached file to zero. Its not necessary that they can be next to each other.

Loop this on n number of ID number .

Thanks in advance2015-11-24.jpg

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Re: Loop

It would be good to see your data but one of the way to solve this problem is to : in script group your data by ID for Amount1 and Amount2 and then subtract one from another giving total value.

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Re: Loop

Based on ID I am trying to match values in same colored cells. For example 2000 and -2000. In this fashion I have to check n number of ID.Demo3.pngDemo4.png