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Makring multiple aggregations

Dear all,

I'm a newbie on Qlik and I'm fighting to solve a simple issue.

I'm trying to make a chart when I show all the customers that acquire one article, how many acquire 2, 3 and so on but I have a source table which gives me the customers and the article.

I know article could be bougth by many costomers and customers may buy many articles... How I can make this selections?

I tryied using the AGGR functions but, due to big amounts of data, it hangs with no results?

Can anyone help me?

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Makring multiple aggregations

Hi Luciano!

Try to do this thing in the script.

Write Something like:



Count(Customer) as Customercount

from abc.qvd group by Article;

u can also link this table with the main table by Article.

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