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Managing different granularity keys in Fact Table with generic key (?)

I have 2 dimensions, OperatingCompany and Company, merged with a JOIN into just the Company dimension, where an OperatingCompany manages 1 or several Companies.

Most metrics in the Fact table are by Company but one metric is by OperatingCompany.

How should I implement the Company Dimension so that when I only choose the OperatingCountry on screen I obtain all the OperatingCompany metrics?

Should I add to OperatingCompany/Company extra UID/records corresponding to OperatingCompany without Company? Would this work?

To complicate matters a client dimension connects to the fact table by Company.

Would this be a case where a "generic key" could be a solution? And how could it be implemented in the Company dimension?


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I think you can use conditional dimensions/expressions.

You can learn more about "Conditional" feature (available since QlikView 11) in the "Whats New in QlikView11.qvw" sample document (see "Report" tab).

This feature allows you to show a chart containing only dimensions and expressions according with specific selections.

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I'll check them out. Thanks