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Maps using address info not coordinates


Has anyone had success with creating a map object (Google maps or a similar map) that reads address info ?  All of the examples that I have found seem to use longitude and latitude. I have city, state, street , and zip. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


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Maps using address info not coordinates


I believe (but without knowing what you want to do) that you will need to retrieve latitude and longitude coordinates from your addresses. If you want to display a map as background in a QV chart object and then overlay some bubbles for example (like most examples do), I believe you need to work with the numerical coordinates (since QV just don't understand 'addresses', or knows what the map is actually showing (streets, cities etc)). It only knows that the image has numerical x/y ranges and that you have data to show in that ranges.

There are probably some different methods to retrieve geo coordinates from addresses, some expensive some not, here is one:


Search the forum / web for some more methods, if needed.

Hope this helps,


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Maps using address info not coordinates

I didnt understand quite well what you need exactly but I found some libraries that may help you:


Look all the different maps and maybe one can give you what you need, (the infobox I think is the one)


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Re: Maps using address info not coordinates


Here is an example that translates adresses into longitude and latitude to be used with a Google map.

Good luck

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Maps using address info not coordinates

Nice example above. I'd like to add one thing. As soon as you request a lot of addresses using that code, it's wise to add a sleep command (e.g. sleep 200) between each address fetch. I've experienced myself that if you dont add this statement, a lot of addresses/coordinates won't be fetched.

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