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Master calendar


I am having one date coloum.If i select startdate and enddate means, the data's should be display inbetween that startdate and and date...How to use master calendar for that?..

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Master calendar


should it be automatically?

Otherwise you can select by holding STRG the start and enddate in your Mastercalender and so you have all the dates between.



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Master calendar

You need to make a relationship between your maste calendar table and your data table:

- A field in the maste calendar named, for example, DateID

- Another field in your data table named DatedID as well (both fields need to have the same name)

Qlikview will make a relation between both fields and the data will be automatically displayed.

Something like this:

//Calendar table

Let StartDate = num(date(YearStart(AddMonths(Today(),-48,0)),'YYYYMMDD'));

Let EndDate = num(date(YearEnd(AddMonths(Today(),0,0)),'YYYYMMDD'));


Load *,

Year(Date) AS [Year],

Month(Date) AS [Month];

Load Date($(StartDate)+(Iterno()-1),'YYYYMMDD') as Date,

Date($(StartDate)+(Iterno()-1),'YYYYMMDD') as DateID,

Autogenerate 1 While Date($(StartDate)+(Iterno()-1)) <=Date($(EndDate)) ;

/Data table


Load (...)

Date(datefield) as DateID;


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Re: Master calendar


I am attaching a QV document which demonstrates the use of master calendar.

Cheers - DV

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Re: Master calendar

I notice you did not do a YTD and MTD field. How would I go about doing that?