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Max Number of Rows

I looked through a couple topics on this but never really found my answer.

I am trying to limit the number of rows that a table will display. I have set up a variable called "maxNumber" and clicked the check box under Presentation of my table and set the expression =maxNumber.

Is there any way to go beyond 100? I really want the max number of rows to be displayed to be 10,000. My slider that controls maxNumber goes from 1 to 10,000 but no matter where it is the table will still no matter what only show 100 rows.



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Max Number of Rows

This isn't the prettiest solution if you have alot of expressions, but you could also try something like the following in all your expressions:


Make sure to select the option to suppress zero values in the presentation tab.



Max Number of Rows


If you are working in a QliKView Server environment, the server has this setting by default, that you may want to modify (number of max symbols in a chart). Go to the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, System, Performance, and change that setting.

In the document part, go to Settings menu, User Preferences, Objects tab, and modify this value "Max Symbols on Charts". Save and reopen the document.

Anyway, note that the higher the limit is, the longer the chart will take to render.

That should do.

Hope that helps.

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Max Number of Rows

Hi, will post from Japan.

I have trouble issues this [Max Number].

I do contact a Japanese support center.

In V9, would be set.but no longer can't set from V10.

I wants to remove this restriction by QlikTech R&D.

Who wants to think it all over the world.

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Re: Max Number of Rows


Did you find any solution for this problem?, I know it has been passed a lot of years... but I am in the same situation a have no found any solutions here.

Many thnaks,


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