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Max and Min Values in a day.

Hello Guys,

Have a look at the picture below. I would like to talk about the first three fields PageID, likes, record_date.

What I need is, I want to calculate the maximum and minimum no of likes of a page made on particular date say like 06/09/2011.


Can I use set analysis to acheive this..? Help me in this.

Thanks in advance.

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Max and Min Values in a day.


    Just use the Max(Likes) and Min(Likes) if likes is a number,

    Use MinString(Likes) and MaxString(Likes) if its a string.

    So whenever you select a particular date, you will see the min and max for that day.

    If nothing is selected you will get the min and max for overall dates.


Kaushik Solanki

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Max and Min Values in a day.

Hi kaushik,

     I am using the max() and min(). and its resulting in overall maximum and minimum values. But I have no need to select any date.

     I have the updated data from my client. Their requirement is, they want to display max and min no of likes in terms of yesterday, last week, last 4 week like that.

     Help me to find out this.



Max and Min Values in a day.


   Ok, In that case you can use the set analysis in your max and min functions. Something like this.

    Min({<Date = {"06/09/2011"}>}Likes) and

    Max({<Date = {"06/09/2011"}>}Likes)


Kaushik Solanki

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