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Merge and split header in straight table

I have straight table with two expressions for each month  resulting in 24 expressions sample of resultant view is below


I'm trying to obtain the as shown below


Thank you in advance community.

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Use calculated dimensions

1) SubField(Month, '-', 1)

2) SubField(Month, '-', 2)

Can you share application?

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Value1, Value2, Value2... is from one dimension. and there is two expression for each month

Not sure I understand...

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Sorry about that Sunny. Let me  try to make it clearer here. So I have a straight table where i have selected one field as a dimension and in expressions field i have 24 expressions. This produced a view like the first one in my post. Now I was trying to merge the Label as shown in the second image. 

Not sure how your data looks like, but you should be able to get the above view using pivot table with 2 or 3 dimensions. You might need to get in synthetic dimensions, but it would be difficult to say much without seeing the raw data

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Contributor II

hi Naveen,

Did you  solve this problem ?