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Missing Values

How to fill missing values with the latest populated value (case when the previous value is also missing)?

Eg IF I have table like this

A       B   C           D(to be filled)

a       t     1           1

b       u     2          2

c       v     3          3

d       w    -           3

e       x     -           3

f       y     -            3

g       z    4           4

The data in the column D is to be filled using the column C . How can I do this ?

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Re: Missing Values

Try like:



          If(Len(trim(C))=0, Peek(D), C) as D

From <>:

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Missing Values





     If(Len(Trim(C)),C, peek(D)) as D




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Re: Missing Values

Sure!  I shall try that.

Thanks for the response

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Re: Missing Values

Thanks !

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Re: Missing Values

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