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Missing records after associations for table above 10000 rows


I'm performing association between 2 tables.

Table 1 has 10001 rows.

Table 2 has 9 rows (3 of them can be associated with Table 1).

After association, the Table Box (left) with 1 less field is showing 10007 rows which is correct.

But the Table Box (right) with all the fields only show 10001 rows.

May I ask why is the Table Box (right) only showing 10001 rows?

This only happens when Table 1 is more than 10000 rows.



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Re: Missing records after associations for table above 10000 rows

Hi Goodafternoon;

First:  Never Use Table Box to compare the result of the LOAD information because when you add the dimentions in a Table Box IF you have  repeated rows the table box interpret like a DISTINCT and only will put one row for repited records. For This  You have to use a STRAIGHT TABLES.

Now in response to your question is because QlikView interpret the load like a JOIN and how does work a Join?

This means that if multiple columns are shared between tables, the match will be made over the distinct

combinations of those columns.

try this with a LEFT JOIN

Check the image .

Best Regards!!!

Carga.JPGCarga en Straight Table .JPG