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Mixed Section Access to allow access to summary data and specific data


I have a situation in which we have a summary dashboard with department data and also allows users to see data for specific people. I'd like the users to be able to view the summary data (aggregates of all people's data), but only be able to look at their own specific table. For example, they can view the summary bar charts, but in their name field, only their name should be available. I'm able to limit users access via data reduction based on their NTNAME to their own name field, but of course, the summary data only includes their own.

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Re: Mixed Section Access to allow access to summary data and specific data


I know I've seen this implemented but with Mashups in QS and with different apps (some with data reduction and some without it) and the mashup controlling what goes where.

But from my experience -which is not much-, it seems you may need to create those summarised tables via the load script so they don't get affected by the data reduction....

I'm keen to see other better options to your post,

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PS. I'm talking from a Qlik Sense perspective... Qlik View may have better ways to do this...

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Re: Mixed Section Access to allow access to summary data and specific data


Maybe this will help you and you will be able to more flexibly configure the data provided. (for ex. use all data via set-analysis)

We use alternative metod with triggers.

In our model of data we have additional table USER_NT-USER_REPORT + we create a trigger on open application,which lock field USER_NT.

This trigger have 2 actions:

Select in field - > USER_NT


Lock field  - > USER_NT

So, that the user can not unlock it we create else one trigger on event unlock field,which have one action -> start the macro SetActiveUser:

sub SetActiveUser

vUser =  ActiveDocument.Evaluate("upper(OSUser())")

vUserOK =  CInt(ActiveDocument.Evaluate("FieldIndex('USER_NT','"&vUser&"')"))

set f=ActiveDocument.GetField("USER_NT")


If vUserOK > 0 then

f.Select vUser


f.Select "Unknown"

end if


end sub

It works only in ajax, there are not button "Clear and unlock all".