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Multi Selection


I'm new in QlikView .

When selecting more than one item in a Select Box, QlikView does OR when populating the selection.

e.g. :

     My Select Box  :      - A                    My Object :  - X ( is linked to A )

                                   - B                                       - Y ( is linked to A )

                                   - C                                       - Z ( is linked to B )

    If I select A and B, QlikView will select X, Y and Z ( OR operation ). But I want that QlikView selects elements which are linked to all elements that I selected [ in this case A and B -> ( AND operation ) ].

Can we do this with QlikView?

Thanks for help,


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Re: Multi Selection


You can set a list box to be used in 'AND-Mode'

There is a lot of rules to use a field in this mode.

Please, check the article

'And-mode in List Boxes' in QV Help



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Multi Selection


Thank you very much for attention, your reply was very helpfull for me .

I found what I searched through your reply.



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