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Multiple Dimention in combo chart?

Dear Friends

I have created a combo chart which is adding cumulative savings based on project end date.

The chart look like:

For every qtr I have added the target reference line on y axis.

However, I need to add the Quater target as a line graph instead of reference line.

Q1 = Q1 Target

Q2 = Q1 + Q2 Target

Q3 = Q1+ Q2+ Q3 Target

Q4=  Q1+ Q2+ Q3 + Q4 Target

How to add another dimension where I can plot line graph based on specific date?

Please share some examples.



2 Replies
Master II
Master II

i think in exoression tab for that particular expression tick on radio button of full accumulate

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Please post an example document with sample data and an example of what the result chart should look like.

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