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Multiple Selection Based on a Variable in a Drop-Down


I have a drop-down list that has three options:

1. all

2. group one

3. group two

I would like to

select * from table1 when a user selects 'all'

select table1.option1, table1.option2 when a user selects 'group one'

and finally

select table1.option3, table1.option4 when a user selects 'group two'

The drop-down is stored in a variable and I have tried using if in the Variable Event Triggers > Search String - but this limits me to only one select: if(vTest = 'group one', option1, option3)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Multiple Selection Based on a Variable in a Drop-Down

This may be best done using bookmarks and having the variable change select the correct bookmark.  If that doesn't work, can you please post a QVW so we can see what you are trying to do.