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Multiple field selection trigger problem with clear!


i was forced to make 2 tables that are not connected in qlikview, so i had to make triggers that transport my for example my date selection from one table to another. Okay, that was easy. But there is a problem when i select multiple values in multiple fields. Qlik just stops clearing fields. For example when i make one selection:


and i press 1 Month again, the both filters clears, thats okay. But when i have a situaction like that:


and when i now press 1 on Month to clear filter on Month and on Month_druga_tabela qlik does not clear the field in Month_druga_tabela... like this:


So what i want to do: when i have multiple filters (all set by triggers) when i clear a field by pressing 1 on Month i want also to clear send field that is connected to Month by a trigger.

Expression that i use in trigger:

=if(GetSelectedCount(Month)>0,'('&Concat(Distinct Month,'|')&')')