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NPrinting 17.6: How to best manage user filters for multiple distribution emails?

Hi Guys,

Struggling with a this problem (NPrinting 17.6):  one dashboard, one NPrinting App, one connection.  Want to distribute 3 different emails (PM Distro, CM Distro, and Hot Item Distro) to same individual over the span of a day (10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM), using Import tasks to create/update/remove users and filters, then distribute reports.  My filters are idiosyncratically named by user; examples:

Filter 1:  Name = "PM Distro Filter - johnsmith-at-somedomain-dot-com"; Values = [field1]={"value1","value2"}

Filter 2:  Name = "CM Distro Filter - johnsmith-at-somedomain-dot-com"; Values = [field2]={"value3","value4"}

Filter 3:  Name = "Hot Item Filter = johnsmith-at-somedomain-dot-com"; Values = [field3]={"value5"}

I build these filters dynamically via Qlikview Charts, save them to a network drive, then use Import Task for the create, update, delete.  But what ends up happening is that a single NPrinting user gets all three filters are applied for each task run, and since field1, field2, and field3 all exist in the dashboard I end up with the logical Filter 1 AND Filter 2 AND Filter 3...bad report.

This is my workaround, please tell me if there's a better way:

PM Distro at 10 AM:

-Run Publish Task "Delete My Filters" which saves an empty import file userfilters.xlsx to the network.

-Run the Import Task "User Filters" to ingest this empty file to delete all filters previously created by Import Task "User Filters".

-Run a Publish Task from the dashboard (to same file userfilters.xlsx on the network), creating a single filter, idiosyncratically named by user: "[DashboardName] johnsmith-at-somedomain-dot-com"; Values = [whatever i want]

-Run the Import Task "User Filters" again, creating the filter.

-Run the Distro Publish Task that sends the emails, properly filtered.

CM Distro at 12 PM:

-[Repeat steps above, wiping and recreating the filter as needed]

Hot Item Distro at 2 PM:


I tried to skip the Delete step, but then the values get appended to the filter--which was unexpected; I thought it should just update.

I tried different connection strings (thinking they would dictate which filter to use) but no dice; what are they for?


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