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Nee help

Hi all,

I have a bar chart it should show the results as

0-3 days        --display green colour

4-6 days    --- display  yellow

7-9 days    ---- display  thick yellow

10+ days   ------ display red

dimension:  type

values are  riskprint and riskdevelopment

measure;  count of networking days

logic is:   I have 3 work flows  in between 3days   so that 3 should show green colur  in one bar      and in that  1 project is  riskprint blue colur and 2 projects is riskdevelopment red colur

see the attached image,

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Re: Nee help

You may need this?

Create one field in script

Day(DateField) as Day

And then BG color may be this?

If(Day >= 0 and Day <=3, Green(), If(Day >=4 and Day <= 6, Yellow(), If(Day >= 7 and Day <=9, Black(), Red())))

Before develop something, think If placed (The Right information | To the right people | At the Right time | In the Right place | With the Right context)

Re: Nee help

Try this in the BackColor properties of the chart and if you have any date field just use calculated dimension in the dimension.



BG Color Properties

If(Day >= 0 and Day <= 3, Green(),

If(Day >= 4 and Day <= 6, rgb(255,255,128),

If(Day >= 7 and Day <= 9, rgb(242,237,45), Red())))

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Re: Nee help

but there is one more logic is

which I used as dimension with two values  :   riskprint and riskdevelopment

for example 0-3 days  the result is  3 workflows came    so in that three 2 are into riskprint 1 into riskdevlopment

that two show in blue colur  and 1 show in red colur,     


Re: Nee help

Then use the Mapping for the same table and maintain that table for the colors.