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Need suggestion on our approach...??

Hi Qlik Team,

By considering the user's high priority requirements we planning a different method.

Requirement : users wants updated data in the reports, preferably updated data up to last one hour or even less.

And coming to data including archival it will be around 100 GB (Raw data). so we decided to have all major calculations in the SQL Server and just pull the summary data from SQL to Qlikview and provide the data model to users with incremental setup.

So that we can minimize the refresh time to 1 hour or less because Qlikview will only extract summary records(very less no of records when we compare with the raw data) from the SQL and not much calculations are involved in the Qlikview scripting expect incremental setup.

As of now we are sure that refresh time will be less than an hour but once the users started developing the charts and other Qlikview objects or once the reports dev done then there may be some changes in the refresh time in order to reflect the values in the charts/objects... Any way to guess this time and any way to reducing it  ??

why because here updated data within an hour is critical requirement.

and any suggestions to avoid mistakes while implementing this method ?

  we are new to this kind of dev process as it is diff from normal dev standards.

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards,


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Re: Need suggestion on our approach...??

Remember when we use this approach we compromise on the associative power of qlikview .

By using pre aggregated calculation we restrict ourselves for analysis on very limited set of fields .

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Re: Need suggestion on our approach...??

Do not think that additional creation of charts, tables or sheets will have an impact on the duration of the refresh.

On Open: may be, but this depends on the amount of data to be displayed and complexity of calculations (at least on the frontpage)