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Need to add arrows in pivot table

In pivot table, i have added 3 measures using the following calculations, I need to show up and down arrows for positive and negative values given by these measures.

The measures are as under:

1. Sum([Current Value])

2. Sum([Current Value]) - Sum([Prev Value])

3. (Sum([Current Value]) / Sum([Prev Value])) - 1

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Re: Need to add arrows in pivot table

You can check below link.

Qlik Design Blog : Replacing images with Geomet... | Qlik Community

Update: You can also include symbols in expression like below.

If(Sum(Sales)>0, '▲' &  Sum(Sales) ,'▼ ' &  Sum(Sales) )

Re: Need to add arrows in pivot table

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Re: Need to add arrows in pivot table


Re: Need to add arrows in pivot table


Check this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2701192/character-for-up-down-triangle-arrow-to-display-in-html

basically you can add like below:

◄ = Chr(9668)
► = Chr(9658)
▼ = Chr(9660)
▲ = Chr(9650)



Re: Need to add arrows in pivot table

Although I would advise against showing arrows to simply indicate negative/positive values (first expression). That's what the minus sign is meant to do. A better idea would be to color the negative values red using the Text Color option.

Common practice in BI is to use arrows to indicate trends (improving, going up/down etc.) for which the second and third expressions are better candidates.