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Need to restrict some data at script level

Hello QV experts,

I have data of where "Companies", its associated "Brands" and their "Amount Spend" details in one table. Here, I have to restrict the records while loading where the total "Amount Spend" either by "Company" or by "Brand" is Zero("0"). Also there is a scenario where some "Companies" have no "Brands" and I should restrict these kind of Companies even.

Sample Data:

Company              Brand                    Amount Spend

A                             1                              100

B                             2                               50

C                             3                               ---

A                             4                              100

B                             5                               ---

C                             6                               ---

D                             ---                              ---

In the above example, I require only the Company A and 1 record of Company B be loaded ignoring the remaining company records.

The reason is:

1) Company A has Brands 1 and 4 with some value in Amount Spend field. So both the records should be loaded.

2) Company B has Brands 2 and 5 out of which only Brand 1 is having the value in its corresponding Amount Spend field and so loading only the record which has Brand 2 ignoring the record which has Brand 5.

3) Company C has two Brands namely 3 and 6, both for which has no value in Amount Spend field and it is supposed to be restricted while loading.

4) Company D has no Brand and so loading of this particular company should also be restricted.

Hope the problem is clear.

Expecting a quick and correct response.

Thanks a lot in advance


Sharan KV

1 Reply

Would you be able to share a sample with the expected output?