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Newbie - Question about complex data schema

I have only done a few things in Qlikview at this point and I am struggling with how to handle a data model that has tables with the same names but different content.  For example, one take will have "Name" but it is the name for the objects stored in that table.  Another will have "Name" and that will be for a different object stored in another table.  There is ID, Parent_ID, and other relationships that are configured in the database schema but these also create the same issue.

I am not completely versed in SQL but with access and other database tools, I can make the proper joins etc to connect tables etc.  With Qlikview it makes the associated links and I have found that the data then makes no sense.

I am sure I am just missing something here and I hope someone can point me in the correct direction.

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Newbie - Question about complex data schema


By default QlikView join tables with the same name. If there are a lot of filds with the same name you will have problem with joining tables without getting circular references.

One option to solve this is to rename fields with the same name, e.g. LOAD Customer as _______. But with a lot of fields  that would be tiresome.

Try to use Qualify *; before the first LOAD statement - that will give you a datamodel in QlikView with naming like table.fieldname. (e.g. Customer.CustomerName). Then use Unqualify fieldname, fieldname...; to keep the name on the fields you want to join.

Hop this will help you get started.

Best regards

Torbjörn Ungavll (@Ungvall)

Senior Business Discovery Manager @ Advectas AB