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Newbie learning path

Hi gals, hi guys,

My name is Ernesto and I am new at QlikView. I am very excited on the QlikView possibilities.

I’ve been working on IT related stuff for more than 20 years. My experience have been focused on infrastructure and applications support for the most part but now that I am starting BI with QlikView I would like to know if there is a recommended “learning path” to begin with.

My expectation is to learn the operations basics first and then getting up until mastering the application.

See you soon QlikView Community.

Best regards,

Ernesto Hernandez

·Expertize: Operative systems, scripting, networks little on databases

PD.- Being “Master Builder” is aspirational, not my actual status 🙂

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Re: Newbie learning path


New to QlikView

on the right  there are links to webinar, free training,  video library

read all doc of

Henric Cronström

in this community


if you want to buy a book

qlikview 11 for developer

some interesting blog

The Qlikosphere, 18 blogs you should follow

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Re: Newbie learning path

Hi and welcome to the community.

For (future) QlikView developer, I suggest following a QlikView Designer training, followed by a QlikView Developer training. You can find a training "near" you here:

Find Training | Qlik

May you live in interesting times!

Re: Newbie learning path

Hi and welcome

You can always start with some free training:


Focus on the tutorial on the bottom of the page.



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Re: Newbie learning path

Hi Massimo,

Thank you. Your answer is very helpful and so complete. Definitely is going to serve me a lot.

I hope that soon I will be able to master the basic skill and from that point I will be able to keep on progressing.

Regards  maxgro

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Re: Newbie learning path

Hi Onno,

Your contribution will be very useful. Being a developer will be my next step once I master the basics, so the 'QlikView Designer Training' and 'QlikView Developer training' will be so much useful.

I appreciate a lot your help.

Best regards  okg

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Re: Newbie learning path

Hi Agis,

Thanks for the useful tip 😉

Regards  @alk

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Re: Newbie learning path

Follow this path to become Qlik Super Hero

How to become a QlikView Developer?